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Come experience Minnesota's oldest and best PRCA Rodeo June 24th, 25th, and 26th of 2021. Since 1955, our Buffalo PRCA Championship Rodeo continues to provide quality family-friendly entertain. We have a permanent arena with wooden bucking chutes on our historical grounds. Rodeo fans cheer on cowboys and cowgirls competing in the seven events, laugh at the rodeo clowns antics and watch bullfighters protect bull riders.

The pageantry of Barnes PRCA Rodeo saddle horses' present a beautiful grand entry lead by flag girls and rodeo queens so make sure you come early. We invite you to watch top-notch bucking horses and bulls, dine, shop and listen to the band after the rodeo.

The historical Buffalo Rodeo grounds are one of the few dedicated rodeo arenas in the area. No need to bring chairs, we have lots of seating available (a seat cushion wouldn't be a bad idea though). These facilities are used nearly every week throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. There are two local saddle clubs that use the arena, there are a number of equine events held here, Buffalo Barrel Blast holds barrel racing events a number of times during the season, we've had cowboy mounted shooting, demolition derbies, tractor pulls and even a wedding. Just are located a few minutes northwest of the Twin Cities metro area. Saddle up and come enjoy western heritage in Minnesota.

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