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Our History

Our history

The Buffalo PRCA Championship Rodeo was founded in 1955 and is Minnesota's oldest rodeo sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. The PRCA is rodeo's equivalent of the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA for other professional sports. The rodeo is affectionately referred to as "the Buffalo Rodeo" similar to how Minnesotans reference the Vikings or the Twins.

The Buffalo Rodeo was originally owned, and managed by local businessman Don Peterson.  After ten years of remarkable growth, Don realized the Buffalo Rodeo was too large for one man to handle and transferred ownership to the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce.  In 2003, a new nonprofit "The Buffalo Rodeo Association" was formed and now the Rodeo is operated independently by this group.


During its 15th anniversary year in 1970, the Buffalo Rodeo built its present day permanent facility on the rodeo grounds just east of Buffalo, Minnesota near the Buffalo airport and civic center.  The rodeo grounds consist of 20 acres with bleachers, rodeo arena, and bucking chutes. The arena was then referenced as the Buffalo Sports Arena.

In 2001 the arena was dedicated the "Lester Daluge Sports Arena".  Named after Lester Daluge a 30 year member of the committee who lost a long battle with cancer.  The arena is utilized throughout the season for special events like the Buffalo Barrel Series and WSCA Shows.  The grounds are available for rent.

Since 1955, the Barnes PRCA Rodeo Company continues to be our stock contractor. Today the second and third generation, Marty Barnes and his eldest son Westin Barnes, own and operate the family business. The late Bob Barnes is a PRCA Hall of Fame honoree.

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