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Sound and Music Talent


Professional Rodeo Announcer Davie Kimm, and Rodeo Sound and Music Talent by wife Nicky Kimm, it is no surprise that these two demonstrate a team like no other. While juggling several roles - announcer, sound system lead, and music production, this husband and wife duo should be your go-to. Over the years, Davie and Nicky have proud-fully become some of the most sought after sound and music talent within the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA). 


Davie has wowed audiences with his velvety baritone voice, while his wife Nicky works her magic behind the scenes. They both compliment each others talent immensly. The Kimm's have continued to capture radio viewers and rodeo visitors across the PRCA Midwestern Circuit for years, and their dedication to professional rodeo does not go unnoticed.

Davie is a Gold Card member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and like many rodeo announcers, Davie’s love of rodeo began as a contestant when he joined the Minnesota High School Rodeo Association in the 1980’s. Working both ends of the arena roping calves and riding bareback and saddle bronc horses, he went on to qualify for the National High School Finals Rodeo and later on, the PRCA Great Lakes Circuit Finals 4 times in saddle bronc riding in 1987, ’88, ’89 and ’92.

Davie's success didn't happen overnight. He migrated to the announcer’s stand when he announced his first rodeo filling in for a no-show announcer. Since then, Davie has worked his way up. We have been thrilled to have Davie and Nicky Kimm as the Buffalo Rodeo's Sound and Music Talent since 2012.

Davie has been heard at such prestigious events as the Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo, PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour, and his voice has been heard on ESPN, ESPN2.  He has also been recognized along with some of the industry’s elite by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association being named the 2016 W.P.R.A. Announcer of the Year, and has been a Top 5 nominee twice for  W.P.R.A. Announcer of the Year in 2009 and 2013. He has also announced the W.P.R.A. World Finals in Waco, TX 7 times from 2013-2019.


Photo Credit: Unknown


Photo Credit: Brayt Tambs

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