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Miss Buffalo Rodeo

Rodeo Queen

Ellie Gallus PR.png

Ellie Gallus
Miss Buffalo Rodeo 2024
Ellie is a true embodiment of rodeo royalty, with a passion for the Western way of life that runs deep in her heart. Born and raised in Becker, MN, she grew up surrounded by the sights, sounds, and traditions of the rodeo arena. From an early age, Ellie fell in love with the world of rodeo and all it represents – the adrenaline of running up the alley, nerves when backing in the roping box, the precision of barrel racing, and the enduring spirit of the cowboy and cowgirl. With her unwavering dedication to the sport and her community, Ellie has earned her place as a symbol of grace, poise, and strength as she proudly holds the title of Miss Buffalo Rodeo 2024. Beyond her rodeo accomplishments, Ellie is also a dedicated worker, college student, and girl that loves the outdoors. She strives to make a lasting impact both in and out of the arena. She is a true ambassador for rodeo culture, a role model to aspiring cowgirls, and a beloved representative of the Western way of life.

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